Why give.

Together your gift, when combined over time with your neighbors’ and friends’ gifts will grow to a deep and unending resource to meet pressing community needs. Your gift will make it possible to help in times of crisis. Your gift will address the entrenched problems that take time and money to change.

We cannot know what challenges our grandchildren will face. We do know that a gift to the Community Endowment will always be important to our region, and most of all, available when needed.

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Great opportunities often come with great challenges.

If you’re reading this, chances are you care deeply about our community. You love the smell of sagebrush after a heavy rain, walking along the Truckee, and skiing through freshly fallen snow.

Nevada is a special place. Like any community, we face diverse challenges, which can intensify in times of accelerated change.

Today, we face many challenges: housing, homelessness, senior care, education. Imagine what we could have done with $400,000 or $1,000,000. Imagine if we had that money right now. Imagine the impact. Imagine the bright future for Northern Nevada when we give together.