Ridge House

Community Fund Grant will support a wellness program to include nutrition information and exercise for the clients at
Ridge House.

Clients who participate in this program will feel happier and healthier and become stronger emotionally and physically.    The “Rise and Grind” curriculum is a 6-week training offered by Grant Denton, Peer Recovery Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Jacqueline Wickens who has a BS in nutrition with a specialization in dietetics from the University of Nevada, Reno.

The training has five modules:

1. The Role of Nutrition in Recovery
2. Basic Nutrition in Recovery
3. The Role of Exercise in Recovery
4. Basic Exercise in Recovery
5. Budgeting and Label Reading

Recovery is a lifelong journey and there is no “finish line”. Substance use disorders cannot be “cured” but individuals can, and do achieve long-term recovery, contentment and live remarkably successful lives. The information clients will receive regarding nutrition and exercise can benefit them for the rest of their lives and positively impact the well-being of their children which may help to break the multi-generational cycle of addiction and illness. The shift in social change will be the behavior and attitudes of the clients towards nutrition and exercise. Very often people who have not been taking care of themselves do not have the information, skills, tools or encouragement to make necessary and positive changes. Through the Ridge House Nutrition and Wellness program, clients can learn to buy appropriate food, how to prepare the food and why adequate nutrition and physical exercise are vital to good health and a successful recovery. The sooner individuals start feeling good about themselves, both emotionally and physically, the more likely they are to embrace their new drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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