Campaign For Our Community

For Good. Forever.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is launching Campaign for Our
to build Nevada’s first Community Endowment


of $5,000,000 goal
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Imagine how far we can go and what we can do—together!

Contributing to the Community Endowment is a way to create change in many areas, over many years, with one act of kindness.

Why Give

Together your gift, when combined over time with your neighbors’ and friends’ gifts will grow to a deep and unending resource to meet pressing community needs. Your gift will make it possible to help in times of crisis. Your gift will address the entrenched problems that take time and money to change.

We cannot know what challenges our grandchildren will face. We do know that a gift to the Community Endowment will always be important to our region, and most of all, available when needed.

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How to Give Today to Change Tomorrow

Our community needs people like you. You care about our future. You want to see Nevada thrive. The Community Foundation of Western Nevada makes it possible for you to make a meaningful gift. Your gift may be as simple as writing a check, clicking a button, or it may require more forethought and planning.

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A Fund for Our Community

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada created the Community Endowment to build a never-ending resource of charitable funds. The Community Endowment is not a gift for our children. It is a legacy that we will pass on to them. They can use the Community Endowment grants to create positive outcomes, and address the challenges of their time.

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A Fund For Good. Forever.

The Campaign for Our Community has a simple goal—to raise $10 million for an endowment that will yield more than $400,000 annually, and grow continually, to address community concerns as they arise and take care of our region long into the future. Today. Tomorrow. Every year. Forever.

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Campaign Leadership

They are our friends and neighbors. As they give their time, resources, and expertise they will ask you to join them to create a never-ending legacy. Do you recognize any of our leadership? Ask them why they believe in the Campaign for Our Community.

Co-Chair Jennifer Satre

Co-Chair Jim Webster

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Begin Campaign for Our Community Now?

Our Biggest Little City is experiencing big changes, now it’s time to plan big. The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is ready to take the next step forward. There is an urgent need for a concerted effort to grow a unrestricted charitable resource dedicated to Northern Nevada. Campaign for Our Community presents a unique opportunity to garner the philanthropic support to sustain this endowment—one that will benefit our community in perpetuity.

Why Is a Community Endowment Important?

Investing in the future of our region is important. Through the Campaign for Our Community, we will raise $10 million or more to create an endowment that will generate approximately $400,000 annually, and it will continue to grow. This will provide flexible financial resources to respond to community challenges as they arise. The Community Endowment will not only provide needed resources today, it is an investment that will grow over time. As the Community Endowment grows, so will its potential to positively impact our region.